gamelike things for persons

#01 a delver dreams their own demise

#02 Be Home By Midnight

Made for Game Jolt Contest 10 (theme: 'Party')

#03 Spring Rites

#04 1837

A tiny joke game made for Ludum Dare 28 (theme: 'You only get one')

#05 The Doctor of N

#06 The Ghost of a Game Once Played

Made for a game jam for deliberately 'crappy' games

(theme: 'Fire Exit')

#07 garoos bide it

#08 foliakatra

#09 The facts in logical space are the world

Made for Twiny Jam - make a Twine in no more than 300 words

#10 petit(e)

Made for PetJam - make a virtual pet or something about virtual pets

#11 Truth Tavern

Made for Music Video(game) Jam 2016 - make a game around a piece of music

#12 Ur-lie

#13 Michael

Made for Ludum Dare 35 (theme: 'Shapeshift')

#14 See The Room

Made for TheRoomJam 2016 - make a game inspired by the 2003 film The Room

#15 procedure

Made for Flatgame Annual 2016

#16 noclipangelmode

Made for Flatgame Annual 2016

#17 The last days of the man who looked at a duck

Made in two hours for 'TEN GLORIOUS YEARS OF GAMES: Klik of the Month Klub #104'


Made for REDPRISON event on Glorious Trainwrecks

#19 Ghost Town Girls

Made for Weirder Stuff 2

(theme: '80's Flavored Paranormal')

#20 Timeless

Made for 0h Game Jam 2017

#21 I married the Earl of Egremont

Made for Castles & Ruins (Bitsy Jam)

#22 A videogame life in ruins

Made for Castles & Ruins (Bitsy Jam)

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